Council spend on Addiction-Related Services falls as Alcohol Deaths Rise

A recent article by the BBC highlighted how deaths caused by alcohol “hit a new high during the first nine months of 2020” – a time during which local authority spend on addiction-related services reached a new recorded low.

Oxygen Finance helps councils respond to coronavirus and secure supply chains by accelerating cash to businesses

Across the UK local authorities are operating progressive payment practices to accelerate cash to the suppliers who need it most.

BIG NUMBERS are banded around, billions owed or tens of thousands of businesses being liquidated each year through payment issues, but please remember that behind each of those statistics are individuals, perhaps just 1 or 2 people but each has a family, a home and a livelihood. Losing your business can be devastating.

Oxygen Finance partners with Intrum

Award-winning early payment programme provider, Oxygen Finance is partnering with Intrum, Europe’s leading credit management services company to develop a modular payment and credit management solution for local government.

The Social Care Conundrum

Adult social care is at breaking point, a £3.5 billion funding gap is predicted by 2025 just to maintain existing levels of provision. In our latest blog John Betts looks at the options open to Government as they look for a long-term funding solution to a ‘politically toxic’ issue. John has 19 years’ experience in local government finance, including eight years as a Section 151 Officer.

Data insights

Time to change the way we think about paying suppliers

With 17 companies removed or suspended from the Prompt Payment Code, the crackdown on late payers has begun. It’s a positive move, and SMEs will welcome the stronger stance, but with more than 1000 businesses still failing to report on their payment performance, will it have the long-term impact needed?