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World’s Leading Communications Provider



Insights Spend aggregates and categories actual invoice data (>120m invoice lines) disclosed by over 1,000 public sector organisations, including all English councils, NHS trusts, CCG’s, Emergency Services, and government departments.

Having worked with the the world’s leading communications provider for over 14 years, Oxygen has helped provide sector expertise, insight and tools such as Insights Spend to help transform the businesses approach and strategy, whilst helping to secure more business and provide an ongoing partnership.


World’s Leading Communications Provider

Before Insights Spend, we were faced with our own biased view of the public sector and had challenges in effective strategic sales planning. A key issue for us was that many public sector accounts lay dormant and had no sight on spending patterns with our competitors vs ourselves.

“Insights Spend has instantly highlighted to us huge opportunities. Over half of our dormant accounts have since been prioritised based on their spending patterns as well as where we could take advantage of Partner networks. By profiling our competition we are better positioned to take wallet share, especially where we have strong relationships

Commercial Director