Private Sector

For our corporate clients, Oxygen delivers programmes to carefully balance working capital strategies against P&L and balance sheet priorities.

Our programmes deliver coherent advice to support our clients in optimising payment strategies through combination of SCF, Dynamic discounting or card programmes. We understand how to bring the best of each model to deliver the benefits sought by our clients.

A proven solution to the late payment challenge, whilst addressing incoming legislation in the UK markets Oxygen Finance delivers a win-win for buyers and suppliers. The solution is fully contingent using tried and tested processes, methodologies, resources, technology and financing.

Case studies

New predictable income & savings

Through charging a small fee/rebate for each invoice that is paid early the buyers can obtain either or a combination of savings and income or balance sheet improvements.

Adhere to government legislation

There is increasing legislation on buyers to act responsibly and pay suppliers on time. Oxygen allows suppliers to be paid not just on time but early. The work we undertake with buyers ensures the whole P2P process runs smoothly reducing the likelihood of anyone getting paid late.

Achieve your CSR goals

£reepay, working alongside Oxygen’s wider early payment offering, helps companies to deliver on CSR objectives by enabling the organisation to pay small, local suppliers early for free and inject liquidity into the local economy.

Purchase-to-pay efficiencies & reduced cost

An early payment programme puts the P2P process under the spotlight light like never before. The more effectively the process operates the earlier suppliers can be paid. Oxygen’s process and change team are experts in this area and deliver long lasting improvements.