Early Payment

Invoices paid early attract a discount which is dynamically calculated and deducted from the settlement value.

Oxygen Finance delivers robust programmes and technology which helps organisations introduce process efficiencies, generate P&L benefits and ensure compliance with payment legislation, whilst supporting their ESG commitments.

P&L or balance sheet benefit

Generates predictable and on-going cost savings.

Best practice & legislation

Ensures responsible and progressive payment practice, whilst complying with legislation.

Supply chain resilience

Offer suppliers a range of payment options to suit their needs.

Optimising payment strategies to deliver financial and ESG benefits

We achieve these deliverables through a combination of either self-funded or externally funded dynamic discounting, to achieve P&L and balance sheet benefits. We simply call it Early Payment!

Currently processing over £22bn of payments annually, our technology infrastructure is proven, unrivalled and trusted by major organisations, ranging from central government to FTSE 100 businesses. Early Payment for Oxygen is so much more than just technology.

Our programmes are fully resourced covering technology, supplier onboarding and process improvement and this, coupled with our contingent pricing model, creates a relentless drive to deliver results for buyers and suppliers alike.

The fact that contract renewals from our clients stand at an almost perfect 100% is proof of the power of our technology and the effectiveness of our solution.

Bromson Hill Nursing Home

“We are now being paid within two days of our invoice being raised. Being part of the programme has enabled us to focus on growth”

Ram Mahendran, Director & Owner

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