Illuminator Care

Illuminator Care

Illuminator Care combines care provider spend data with Care Quality Commission (CQC) ratings to give care commissioners the power to evaluate existing and potential suppliers within a single tool.

Ensure that your portfolio of care providers continue to provide quality, value for money and local social value. Use Illuminator Care to inform your care procurement purchasing decisions.

Audit Your Supply Base

Evaluate your care provision across service suppliers by spend and CQC ratings for the complete picture.

Support Your Social Value Agenda

Pinpoint costly, poor-performing providers and identify other well-rated regional service suppliers, supporting local jobs.

Track Supplier Health Over Time

Keep track of the performance of care contractors with regular CQC updates mapped to your spend data.

Get the full picture of your care provision

Illuminator+ already gives your public sector procurement and commissioning teams the supply chain intelligence they need to create their purchasing plans.

Now, by combining Illuminator’s categorised spend data with ratings from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), care commissioners can review each supplier relationship and assess the size and standard of incumbent and alternative service providers quickly with a single tool. This can help you identify contracting opportunities with local contractors, supporting local jobs and boosting the social value of your spending decisions.

Illuminator is the UK’s best source of public sector spend data. It draws from millions of categorised invoices from almost 2m suppliers across 1000+ public sector organisations. This data is essential for organisations who want to keep track of their contract spending and reassure stakeholders that your past purchases and future plans deliver both value for money and local social impact.

Illuminator is trusted by many, including the National Audit Office, as a key tool for the continuous improvement of their procurement process and the opportunity to unlock value.

Data points available to Illuminator Care subscribers include:

• Provider name
• Spend data segmented by public sector buying organization
• Latest CQC rating for that vendor
• Data on other human services contractors in the same market
• Full categorisation of providers by market and category, including the health care sector
• Intelligence on other local public sector buyers so you can find potential procurement partners
• Historic spend data available


Shropshire County Council

“Shropshire Council has saved double the cost equivalent by just providing accurate data on SME / local suppliers; let alone all the other benefits.”

Shropshire County Council

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