Insights API

Insights API 

Spending too much time researching potential government tenders? You need a better way to find out about upcoming public sector contract opportunities, and you need it fast.

Oxygen’s Insights API pushes forward-looking public sector research right into your sales CRM. Give your sales team early warning of upcoming tenders from local government and other public sector bodies, months in advance of the tender process.

Each opportunity comes complete with details of the buying organization, sector, anticipated tender release date and where available, an expected contract value.

Data Where You Need It

Bring intelligence on public sector opportunities directly into your sales CRM pipeline.

Right Data, Right Teams

Opportunities are categorised according to the market sector and region, so you can map areas of interest to specific staff.

Say Goodbye to Data Entry

Relieve your commercial teams from rekeying opportunities into your CRM, freeing up their time to focus on winning business.

Getting out in front of public sector opportunities

Oxygen’s Finance Insights API, previously Porge Research gives you early notice of anticipated public sector organisation tender opportunities that will be open to UK businesses.

Our research team analyses public papers, council minutes and other sources to identify UK government opportunities much earlier in the buying cycle.

This means your sales team can introduce your business to stakeholders in public sector organisations with relevant upcoming contracts months or even years before a contract goes to tender.

This is far more effective than cold tendering and lets you shape opinions within government agencies ahead of the formal tendering process.

Data points available to call via the API include:

• A brief summary of the opportunity
• Buying organization name / type e.g. local authorities or central government
• Region and sector of the opportunity
• A more detailed description of the opportunity
• A link to the opportunity in Oxygen’s public sector pipeline intelligence tool, Prospector

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

“As council budgets get tighter, we have to look for ways to innovate and deliver better services for less. Going with Oxygen Finance was an ‘outside of the box’ solution – but it is really working for the local economy and the council. It’s helped us establish better relationships with local businesses – this is the real added value that all local authorities should be looking for”

Neil Copley, Service Director for Finance

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