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Insights Spend+

Public sector buyers can struggle to find the data they need to review their supplier relationships, support their social value commitments, and make informed decisions.

Insights Spend+ brings key data on suppliers and public sector spend into a single platform to help procurement managers get on top of their supplier relationship management.

Understand Your Buyer Power

Assess how important your spend is to both your suppliers’ public sector revenues and overall turnover.

Drive Savings and Social Value

Use the latest turnover and 3-year CAGR data to find competitive regional suppliers, supporting cost-savings and local jobs.

Better Assess Risk

Use credit risk, gazette notice and outstanding charge information to assess and track supplier health.

Driving savings and social value through better public sector supplier management

Public sector procurement teams and contract managers use Insights Spend+ to make informed supplier relationship management decisions based on verified company data.

Insights Spend+ is an extension to Oxygen Finance’s Insights Spend (previously Porge Research Illuminator) that gives you valuable decision-making data directly within the Insights Spend interface.

Insights Spend brings together spend data from millions of categorised invoices from almost 2m suppliers across 1000+ public sector bodies – from central government departments, local government and councils, NHS trusts and ICSs, to the emergency services.

With essential intelligence on the finances, structure and risk profile of private sector firms, Insights Spend+ gives public sector buyers valuable data to review their supplier relationships, find contract savings and grow social value.

From the latest total and public sector turnover figures, profitability, trading status and credit rating data, to size and structural data, Insights Spend+ is ready to inform public sector supplier management.

Procurement managers can use Insights Spend+ to support their social value commitments. Our risk metrics helps them identify local strategic suppliers who may need additional support, giving public sector buyers the tools they need to manage supplier relationships, strengthen public services and retain local jobs.

The National Audit Office amongst others trusts Insights Spend as part of their procurement process. Now, Insights Spend+ gives procurement professionals within UK public sector bodies market intelligence to identify strategic suppliers, diversify their supply chain and strengthen their contract management capability.

Additional data points available to Insights Spend+ subscribers include:

• Company name and registered address
• Company number and classification
• Company status and previous company names
• Gazette Notices and number of outstanding charges
• Turnover data, including 3-year CAGR
• No. of employees, including 3-year CAGR
• Parent company information
• EBIDTA and date of most recent accounts
• Credit risk


Shropshire County Council, Insights

“Shropshire Council has saved double the cost equivalent by just providing accurate data on SME / local suppliers; let alone all the other benefits.”

Shropshire County Council

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