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Insights Spend

Insights Spend gives contracting authorities a clear, real-time view into public sector spending patterns, transforming public procurement.

Data is cleaned and categorised so that spending trends can be easily seen and shape procurement policy.

Just some of the organisations using Insights Spend

Insights Spend - Public
Boost savings and social value

Easily spot savings opportunities, and find new local suppliers to support your social value agenda.

Set your buying strategy

Learn from other UK public sector buyers with Insights Spend’s unique category profiles.

Predict supplier risk

Spot co-dependencies with suppliers and whether government earnings are in decline.

Shining a light on public sector spend

Help your commissioners, procurement and category managers set strategy, manage your supply chain and make data-led contract decisions by benchmarking your own public contracts alongside those of other contracting authorities.

Insights Spend also improves your procurement process by helping government buyers like you stop ‘tail spend’ – spend with another supplier when a contracted private sector supplier is already in place.

Insights Spend, previously known as Porge Research Illuminator, is seen as the most accurate source of UK public sector procurement spend data. It draws from more than 200m categorised invoices from 2m suppliers across 1000+ public sector organisations, ranging from councils and local government, NHS trusts and ICSs through to emergency services and government departments.

Each month Insights Spend analyses over 1.7m invoices to give you fast and reliable public contracts data to support your decision-making.

Insights Spend’s unique spend categorisation means comparing local government authorities, other public sector buyers and suppliers is easy, with downloadable reports and charts.

Trusted by major organisations including the National Audit Office, Insights Spend is an essential tool for driving best value and public procurement best practice in the United Kingdom.

Insights Spend gives you unbiased market intelligence on government spending with SMEs and local suppliers. Nothing else will give your procurement team such deep public procurement spending data.


Shropshire County Council, Insights

“Shropshire Council has saved double the cost equivalent by just providing accurate data on SME / local suppliers; let alone all the other benefits.”

Shropshire County Council

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