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Automatically track the corporate health of your suppliers and improve your supply chain management with Monitor from Oxygen. Know exactly when a supplier’s risk changes, allowing you to promptly respond, reduce risk and minimise disruption.

Get instant email notifications whenever a supplier’s risk profile changes. Save your procurement team time and money by eliminating manual supplier risk checks that can increase procurement risk. Track your entire supply chain’s risk profile through Monitor.

Understand Supplier Risk

Automatically track any of your existing or potential suppliers against key risk indicators.

Checks Key Sources Automatically

We scan Companies House and The Gazette to check suppliers’ latest status and administrative notices.

Automated Risk Management

Get alerted automatically when a supplier becomes at risk of insolvency for hands-off risk management.

Assess The Health Of Your Supply Chain

Monitor allows your public sector procurement, commissioning and finance teams to track the corporate health of the suppliers you already or intend to buy from. Simply confirm the suppliers you want to track, and Monitor will automatically look for potential risk by tracking key risk indicators across your supplier relationships.

As part of these checks, Monitor will scan two vital sources of company risk assessment data, Companies House and The Gazette, for status modifications or administrative notices which may lead to supply chain disruption. By using Monitor’s automation, your procurement team can improve their supply chain visibility and make sure their view on supplier risk is up-to-date.

Monitor forms part of the Oxygen Finance’s Insights suite of public procurement products, which include Illuminator, a unique source of structured public sector procurement data, and Prospector, which brings together detail on concluded contracts and upcoming local government tenders at an early stage of the procurement process.

Subscribe to Monitor and you will be able to:

• Monitor your risk exposure across an unlimited number of suppliers
• Be notified when Gazette Notices that affect your supply chain
• Learn about outstanding charges affecting firms you are monitoring
• Automatically check your monitored suppliers at Companies House
• Guidance alerts when the status of a third party vendor you are tracking changes
• Receive email alerts when risk changes, sent straight to your Inbox


Shropshire County Council

“Shropshire Council has saved double the cost equivalent by just providing accurate data on SME / local suppliers; let alone all the other benefits.”

Shropshire County Council

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Timely supply chain risk management for public sector procurement teams.

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