Paygate BACS Payment Gateway

Paygate BACS Payment Gateway

Oxygen are pleased to be able to introduce our clients to Paygate. Paygate’s easy-to-use BACS processing solution helps you create, manage and store payment files, then submit directly to BACS.

Their versatile and user-friendly BACS payment processing platform that lets you manage all your BACS, Faster Payments and international payments in one place, with maximum security and efficiency.

Reduce your payment processing costs

Reduce payment service provider costs by consolidating payments into one streamlined process, and customise your payments with sophisticated data mapping.

Premium security comes as standard

Features such as user permissions, multi-level payment request approvals, encryption at source, robust audit trails, intelligent automation, two-factor authentication, SMS signing and HSM options all work together to reduce risk.

Stay compliant with Paygate

Paygate’s compliance guarantee will keep you fully compliant with BACS rules for customer notifications and reporting, plus the latest regulations, such as PSD2, NPA, and GDPR.

Paygate helps you to easily pay and get paid

Paygate helps you to easily pay and get paid. Oxygen is delighted to act as an introducer for their services, helping new and existing clients make the most of their payment options.

Paygate’s customers stay because their technology is easy to use and just works. Their BACS payment gateway can be used for recurring payments such as paying employees and making supplier payments via BACS direct credit straight to their bank account, and BACS direct debit collection software that collects direct debit payments efficiently. This can help reduce bank transfer costs when making regular payments, provide faster payment and improve compliance and cashflow.

Paygate keeps you in control of fees with predictable payment services pricing, and as they don’t impose usage caps or transaction limits you can use their service worry-free. Paygate offer honest, flexible Capex/OpEx pricing options with flexible payment processor contract terms.

Paygate’s payment systems technology is built to the highest security standards. Their reputation for stability and premium payment method security standards provide ultimate peace of mind.

You can also manage complexity with easy automation for a seamless organisation-wide payments experience. Paygate Designer allows you to create custom workflows to fit your business transaction rules, with file mapping and automation to make sure your workflows meet all required standards.

Automated workflows, centralised reporting, and non-tamper audit trails provide documented evidence of compliance and the cause of any non-conformity.

Paygate’s ongoing product support means you won’t have to worry about upgrading your software. It integrates well with all accounting and payment file creation software, so you can customize it to fit your needs. It also supports different ways of working, including mobile working, and their on-boarding process is straightforward and fast.

Paygate has different deployment options, from Cloud-based to on-premise, so you can choose the one that works best for you.
It’s also easy to set up, so your team can start using it quickly.

Paygate’s modular platform helps you manage your budget and only pay for the features you need.

Additional modules include:

• Reduce errors, fraud and costs with DDMS, the Direct debit management service that helps you stay compliant with Direct Debit regulations.

• Paygate’s BACS-approved bureau service is ready to submit for you when you need it.

• Reduce your investigation and repair costs by catching bank detail validation errors sooner with Paygate Validate.

• Paygate’s contingency planning services mean you can relax, knowing that you’re protected, with emergency payment submissions handled on your behalf.


Pembrokeshire County Council

“PayGate gives us far greater security and a better audit trail on transactions than we had before. We’ve had few occasions to use the emergency service but reassuringly when we’ve needed it, it worked brilliantly. We have an excellent relationship with PayGate and we are very satisfied.”

Mike Phillips, Senior Principal Accountant, Pembrokeshire County Council


Carmarthenshire County Council

“The reliability and simplicity of PayGate means we can manage all our outgoing payments and incoming collections efficiently. By giving our consumers choice about which day of the month we collect their payment, we’re also providing them with great customer service too.”

Andrew Evans, Senior Infrastructure Officer, Carmarthenshire County Council


Cyngor Gwynedd Council

“We’ve been very satisfied users of PayGate for many years now, it’s an extremely robust solution that’s very easy to use. It processes transactions with impressive speed and overall the solution gives us great time-saving benefits. When we need it, the support service is professional and response time is exceptional. We’re delighted with the PayGate solution.”

Martin Morris, Payroll Manager, Cyngor Gwynedd Council

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