Creating social value by helping local businesses thrive

Oxygen’s Payment and Insights solutions deliver for local communities by helping firms win more business and get paid more quickly by the public sector.

Firms can use Oxygen’s solutions to help them do better business. Oxygen helps suppliers get paid by the government faster for the services they provide, improving their cash flow. We also run private sector early payment programmes for enterprise organisations who want to fulfil their ESG commitments and generate an additional income stream. As running out of cash is the top reason why businesses fail, our early payment programmes help businesses survive and thrive, creating new jobs and delivering social value to the community.

We also give firms public sector market intelligence on how local government and the emergency services spend their money – procurement data on where, how and with whom, fuelling new business activity.

“Finally, a tool with everything the team needs in one place…

The tool alerts us to organisations in the ‘sweet spot’ for procurement and has helped us to be more strategic in our approach. Ultimately, it’s given us a huge competitive advantage.”

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Know the public sector market, your clients and prospects

Gain serious competitive intelligence and uncover new business opportunities by understanding what the public sector is already buying. Our public sector market research helps you figure out which products and services to sell to councils, government departments, NHS trusts and the emergency services.

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“Insights has helped us take a data-centric approach to leads and use our resources more effectively…

We’re uncovering, influencing & driving more sell-through, the results speak for themselves. The team’s great also – they’re responsive and take time to listen.”

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Win more business with our public sector market intelligence

Government suppliers use our Insights solutions to predict opportunities and projects in the public sector. Our market insights go further and deeper than contract aggregators, turning data into actionable insight based on government agencies’ forward decision-making.

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Find out how our Insight and Payment solutions could help you

Private Sector Private Sector

Insights solutions

Private Sector Private Sector

Payment solutions

Creating competitive advantage and growth opportunities

Insights Pre-Procurement

For 20 years, Insights Solutions has delivered foresight into public sector projects in the United Kingdom for many successful government suppliers.

Foresight, early engagement, and a deep understanding of local authority needs are critical to winning business. Insights Pre-Procurement delivers all, to give you a compelling competitive advantage to grow in the public sector.

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Insights Spend

Shining a light on the competitive landscape, supplier earnings, and market and contracting authority spend, Insights Spend gives private sector organisations a clear competitive edge. Set effective sales strategies, track competitors and negotiate better contracts. Improve your ability to trade more effectively with the public sector.

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Insights API

Oxygen Finance’s Insights API allows you to pull unique intelligence on future tenders directly into your sales CRM.

Give your sales team advanced notice of public sector opportunities so that they can start to form the right relationships with decision makers through early engagement.

Start building relationships with decision makers as early as possible, so that when the time comes for them to make a decision, you are top of mind.

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Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

“The UK’s SMEs are the lifeblood of our economy, employing 16m people and accounting for £1.9tn of turnover. That is why this government’s modern Industrial Strategy is fully behind them”

Kelly Tollhurst

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Creating cost benefits and compliance to support ESG commitments

Enterprise early payment solutions

The Early Payment provider of choice, we combine class-leading technology with proven expertise to improve payment practices. Currently processing over £22bn of payments annually, our solution accelerates payments to suppliers whilst creating financial benefits and ensures compliance with the legislation.

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Our pioneering FreePay product is focused exclusively on supporting those sectors of your supply chain that need it most – small, local businesses. We can get them paid early without any charge or, in other words, early payment for free! A fully-automated solution, it dramatically reduces time and administrative effort, and helps you meet your ESG commitments by adopting a responsible payment approach.

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Shropshire County Council, Insights

“Shropshire Council has saved double the cost equivalent by just providing accurate data on SME / local suppliers; let alone all the other benefits.”

Shropshire County Council

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