Looking for new business opportunities?

Prospector gives government suppliers early notice of government tenders so they can get ahead of future procurement opportunities.

Power your sales pipeline

Personalised alerts for government tenders so you can find new business opportunities.

Early engagement

Influence buyers before formal procurement activity begins.

Effective sales strategy

Make sure your sales people are targeting buyers who have upcoming public sector contracts.

Get early notice of public procurement activity months before tenders are issued

Your sales team already knows that:

● Cold responses to a tender document can be highly ineffective.
● Framework agreements cannot be your only source of leads.
● Tender notice aggregation is no longer enough to stay ahead.
● Contract extensions are often a done-deal and can waste sales effort.
● A tender document could already be influenced by potential bidders who got in early.

Prospector, previously Porge Research, flags expected tender opportunities, allowing early engagement with government buyers.

This targeted approach gives you time to get in and shape the procurement process, a key factor in winning more business.

On a daily basis, our research team identifies and curates intelligence from public sector forward decision-making documents.

Prospector gives you full visibility of forward planning, strategies and local government procurement pipelines, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Plan your sales strategy more effectively by putting your sales team to work on future UK government procurement opportunities.

Prospector unlocks hidden tender opportunities from public sector organisations to help you secure a public sector contract in key markets such as:

● IT & BPO
● Buildings
● Health & Social Care
● Waste & Environment
● Highways & Transport

Prospector provides the UK’s most reliable and trusted supply of pre-procurement commissioning intelligence.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

“As council budgets get tighter, we have to look for ways to innovate and deliver better services for less. Going with Oxygen Finance was an ‘outside of the box’ solution – but it is really working for the local economy and the council. It’s helped us establish better relationships with local businesses – this is the real added value that all local authorities should be looking for”

Neil Copley, Service Director for Finance

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