Supplier Advantages

Oxygen Finance offers significant benefits to suppliers who sign up to receive early payment.

In exchange for receiving early payment suppliers gain substantially improved cash flow, therefore there is no need to utilise credit facilities, preserving valuable working capital.

Oxygen believe that effective solutions for buyers must also work for all their suppliers from the biggest to the smallest micro business. When our clients, large buyers, launch a programme their suppliers can expect to enjoy a variety of benefits.

Case studies

Improved cash flow

Suppliers get paid earlier and can utilise that early cash effectively in their business, for growth or avoiding other costly credit solutions.

Replicated down each tier of the supply chain

Participation for suppliers is entirely voluntary and some suppliers use that cash to pass down to their respective supply chains/sub-contractors often the smaller businesses – delivering liquidity to the parts of the economy that need it most.

Improved working relationship

When suppliers participate in early payment programmes the need to chase buyers for payment is eliminated, since the buyer is now incentivised to get the supplier paid faster. This allows buyer and supplier discussions to focus on the value that they can offer one another, this reduces any awkward discussions about when a payment will be made.

Hands free, fully automated cash acceleration

There are no portals for suppliers to login to passwords to remember or complex technical integration to complete, it’s a “lights out” solution and suppliers simply get paid faster.

Hear what some of the Suppliers have to say about the Oxygen Finance programmes.