Helping organisations thrive and deliver economic and social benefits

Oxygen Finance is a specialist in payments control and market insight and is the leading provider of Early Payment programmes. Our work is focused on helping businesses thrive and deliver economic and social benefits.

Established in 2004, we have an unrivalled track record in creating commercial and social value for major organisations, ranging from FTSE 100 companies to local and central government and the NHS.

Our extensive and expanding portfolio of complementary products and services include our world-leading Early Payment platforms which improve P2P performance and ensure compliance with changing legislation. By providing an invaluable real-time overview of public sector spend, our Insight Solutions help inform contract negotiations.

Through progressive payment practices, big data and expertise, Oxygen Finance helps public and private sector organisations thrive and trade more effectively together. Payments become frictionless and data becomes useable information, driving growth and efficiency as well as supporting better social and economic outcomes.

At the heart of our work, there’s a skilled and dedicated team with a deep understanding of the sectors, an unswerving commitment to service, and a genuine passion for creating social value for our clients and the people they serve.

Ben Jackson

Chief Executive
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James van den Bergh

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Alistdair Smith

Technical Delivery Manager
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Becky Dyer

Service Manager
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Ben Callaghan

Lead Analyst
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Cameron Major

Insights Sales Team
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Ellie Gould

Shared Service Centre Analyst
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Joseph Morris

Supplier Manager
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Martin Holmes

Research & Information Officer
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Nichola Azazy

Project Manager
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Andrew Price

Chief Financial Officer
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Clive Boddington

Chief Operating Officer
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David W Roudebush

EVP & GM Americas
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James Jordan

Senior Sales and Commercial Manager
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Lesley Eaton

Operations Director
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Libby Daniels

Head of Supplier Engagement
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Rob Parker

Chief Technology Officer
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Simon Whittle

Head of Public Sector Sales
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Stuart Nichols

Head of Service Management
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Vicki Sloane

Head Of Programmes
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John Newton

Marketing Director
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London Borough of Bexley Council

The council believes the success to date is down to the effective collaboration of several teams, as well as the robust technology and on-the-ground support provided by Oxygen Finance to transform processes.

“This programme is a win-win. Businesses get paid quicker and the council generates an income stream that helps us protect the delivery of frontline services to residents. It is also part of our ongoing commitment to support small and medium sized enterprises and another way we get behind our local businesses. We’d encourage suppliers who haven’t signed up yet to get in touch to find out more. We chose to work with Oxygen Finance because there are no upfront costs for the Council – all of the implementation investment is made by them and they don’t get paid unless the programme succeeds. That kind of guarantee is essential when funding is so stretched.”

Cllr Teresa O’Neill OBE

South Tyneside Council

Making sure we deliver value for money while maintaining quality is more important than ever. Effective procurement is fundamental to achieving our vision, protecting our front line services and supporting a socially sustainable economic environment.

“I’m pleased that the Social Value Act has been included as a key element of our new Procurement Strategy. Encompassing social value enables us to ensure that bidders bring a social or environmental benefit to SouthTyneside where possible. This can often include apprenticeship or local employment opportunities, which supports our strategic objective of economic growth.”

Councillor Ed Malcolm – Lead Member for Resources & Innovation

Cumbria County Council

Balancing the budget for local authorities is more acute than ever before. Councils now need to develop new income channels which are both sustainable and supportive of the local economy.

“We engaged with Oxygen Finance, as we were looking for innovative ideas to save money for the council, due to being set very high savings targets that required our department to make efficiency savings.

Oxygen Finance brought to bear their expertise, experience and a suite of tools which have enabled us to get the programme up and running in a relatively short time. The programme is now embedded into our ways of working and is complementary to our other procurement and commissioning priorities.”

Conway Stewart – Senior Manager, Commissioning, Procurement & Contract Management

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

“The UK’s SMEs are the lifeblood of our economy, employing 16m people and accounting for £1.9tn of turnover. That is why this government’s modern Industrial Strategy is fully behind them”

Kelly Tollhurst

Small Business Commissioner

“Paying early makes a real difference to the supply chain and makes it sustainable. The buyer wins, the supplier wins and the economy wins.”

Philip King

Shropshire Council

As a council we spend over £200 million with external contractors, so it’s important that we get on the top of who we’re spending with and try and get different efficiencies out of that. 

“In order to meet funding gaps, we’re part of that solution for the council in trying to drive out efficiencies in savings from our contract arrangements. We use Illuminator to inform our commissioning and procurement decisions. We find that it provides us with good, clean and quick data. It gives us time, it gives us resource efficiency and it provides assurance around our contracting arrangements. I would certainly recommend it to be used by other local authorities as they would gain the same advantages and efficiencies in resource that we are doing.”

Nigel Denton, Development and Procurement Manager


I use Collaborator personally around the Health and Social Care market.

“A lot of commissioning is planned way in advance, so understanding the intentions of those commissioners without having to sift through hours of committee papers and speculative looking on councils’ websites, Collaborator really helps to draw that information together and save hours of time and trouble.
Recently, I was looking at the council’s intentions around purchasing equipment to support people in their own homes and Collaborator identified a particular council, who we’ve since contacted and secured as a direct result of this intelligence. Typically, those sorts of contracts are worth several hundred thousand pounds upwards, which means that we will speed up their potential procurement process and earn some reasonable rebate from that.”

Andy Perrins. Category Manager.

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