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Reduce your BACS payment processing costs

Reduce payment service provider costs by consolidating payments into one streamlined payment gateway.

Stuart Nichols
Business Engagement Director

Simplify recurring payments and reduce bank transfer costs

Paygate’s BACS payment gateway handles recurring payments including BACS direct credits, and BACS direct debit collection.

This means you’ll reduce bank transfer costs when making regular payments, provide faster payment and improve cashflow.

Never worry about usage caps or transaction limits again

Keep in control of fees with predictable payment services pricing, with no usage caps or transaction limits for a truly worry-free service.

Paygate offer honest, flexible Capex/OpEx pricing options with flexible payment processor contract terms.

Protect your payment reputation with Paygate's compliance guarantee

Stop putting your payment reputation at risk with Paygate.

Paygate’s compliance guarantee will keep you fully compliant with existing BACS rules for customer notifications and reporting, plus the latest regulations, such as PSD2, NPA, and GDPR.

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Automate your payment workflows with ease

Create custom workflows to your business rules with file mapping and automation that meet all required standards.

Cloud-based or on-premise? You decide.

Choose from different deployment options, from a Cloud-based deployment to an on-premise option, depending on your needs.

Audit trails for tamper proof compliance

Centralised reporting and non-tamper audit trails provide direct evidence of compliance and the cause of non-conformity.

Premium security comes as standard

With user permissions, multi-level payment request approvals, encryption at source, and HSM and two-factor authentication.

Get in touch for an introduction to Paygate and learn how their payment solutions can help your organisation.


Libby Daniels - Director of Client Services


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