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Recover £000's With a Targeted Recovery Audit

Find overpayments, duplicate payments, fraud and other issues, and crucially recover the sums found.

Stuart Nichols
Business Engagement Director
reclaimed in a typical recovery audit
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councils and many NHS trusts using FISCAL audits
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of millions of transactions safeguarded
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upfront fees - you only pay based on money recovered
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Maximise revenue recovery with a forensic accounts payable audit

Oxygen’s Recovery Audit powered by FISCAL is a software engineered accounts payable audit to recover revenues caused through trade creditor and supplier file error.

Audits include overpayments, fraud and P-Card checks, and sum recovery.

A trusted audit process developed by accounts
payable experts

Your accounts payable audit will be reviewed by FISCAL Technologies’ Specialised Services Team.

FISCAL’s forensic solutions and auditors services empower purchase-to-pay and accounting teams across the globe to protect organisational spend.

Eliminate risk & maximise upside with our success-based fees

After confirming validated overpayments for sign-off, you’ll receive a weekly report detailing the savings delivered.

What’s more, our fees are contingent on the value of savings delivered, keeping you in control and providing peace of mind.

Trusted By

Multiple checks for your peace of mind

Your Accounts Payable Recovery Audit will include fraud, outstanding credits, P-Card and compliance issue checks.

Report with ranked recovery opportunities

Audit will include trend analysis, statement reconciliation, opportunity ranking and recovery of identified sums.

Best-of-breed tools for optimum recovery

Using sophisticated forensic tools (NXG Forensics) for a swift and targeted audit that can go back several years.

Maximum returns from minimum effort

Projects require minimum upfront effort from you, with short, weekly progress reviews after the first fortnight.

Get in touch for an introduction to Paygate and learn how their payment solutions can help your organisation.


Libby Daniels - Director of Client Services


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