Stuart Nichols
Business Engagement Director

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Helping organisations thrive and deliver economic and social value

Oxygen Finance help public and private organisations do business with each other.

We make payments easier and faster, so organisations can trade more effectively, and use big data and payment expertise to deliver a better social outcome.

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Creating competitive advantage and growth opportunities

Foresight, early engagement, and a deep understanding of local authority needs are critical to winning business.

Insights delivers it all, to give you a compelling competitive advantage to grow in the public sector.

Delivering progressive payment practices for the public sector

Oxygen is the #1 early payment provider to the public sector, accelerating payments to suppliers.

Early payments also unlock valuable cost savings, which can be redirected into better local social outcomes.

Briony Turton
Senior Service Manager

Manage and publish your procurement pipeline with ease

Pipeline Manager is simple to use and cost effective. It helps public bodies meet their public sector pipeline publishing duties, and give suppliers more time to prepare their bid.

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