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Creating and Delivering Economic and Social Value For Government

Oxygen’s Payment and Insights Solutions help public sector organisations improve their supply chain management, creating and delivering economic and social value to the local economies and communities they serve.

Vicki Sloane - Chief Client Officer

Vicki Sloane
Chief Client Officer

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Powerful public procurement and payment solutions

From our market-leading early payment programmes and public sector spend intelligence, to our procurement pipeline management and carbon reduction planning tools, Oxygen Finance has you covered.

Meet social value targetsand unlock more funds

Our early payment programmes let public bodies pay suppliers early in exchange for a small discount.

Grow social value bypaying small firms early

Accelerate payment to the small and micro suppliers who need it the most and deliver social value.

Powering true data-led public procurement

Giving procurement teams data to buy better, deliver social value and reduce Scope3
carbon emissions.

Start making data-led procurement decisions

Giving contracting authorities a clear, categorised view into public sector spending patterns.

Create your carbon reduction action plan 

Instantly understand your Scope 3 carbon emissions by category and supplier with Insights Carbon… all for FREE!

Identify hidden risks in your supplier base

Insights Spend+ gives you suppliers’ key financial and corporate health data so you can manage risk.

Your data. Fully categorised. In your tools.

See your public sector spend data, categorised and cleansed, in your own business intelligence tools.

One system to rule your procurement pipeline

Your public sector organisation can finally control its entire procurement pipeline in
one system.

Procurement experts ready to help you achieve your goals

From procurement strategy to creating strong business processes, we help deliver change that lasts.

Recover £000’s with a targeted recovery audit

Find overpayments, duplicate payments, fraud and other issues, and crucially recover the sums found.

Reduce Your BACS Payment Processing Costs

Reduce payment service provider costs by consolidating payments into one streamlined payment gateway.


Libby Daniels - Director of Client Services


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