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One system to rule your procurement pipeline

Your public sector organisation can finally control its entire procurement pipeline in one system.

Say Goodbye to Messy Spreadsheets with Pipeline Manager

The typical public procurement pipeline involves multiple spreadsheets, with no change history, data validation or quality control.

Pipeline Manager fixes this at a stroke, with full access control, customisable fields and consistent reporting.

Effortlessly Comply with Procurement Transparency Rules

Soon, any contracting authority spending over £200m each year will have to publish its procurement pipeline.

With Pipeline Manager exporting to a CSV is easy, and meets with National Procurement Policy Statement procurement transparency rules.

Finally, manage Your procurement pipeline like a Pro

When data is locked in many incompatible spreadsheets, understanding your long-term pipeline can seem impossible. Pipeline Manager makes pipelines manageable, letting you filter by stage, staff member, and Start/End dates.

What’s more, the optional Contract Importer add-on lets you can import your existing contract data from your system of record in one click, ready to create new procurement events in Pipeline Manager.

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Rapidly view supporting procurement docs

With Pipeline Manager you can quickly view further detail on a procurement event, including links to supporting documents.

Create reports to meet stakeholder needs with ease

Pipeline Manager allows you to create and export regular, consistent reporting tailored to each group of stakeholders.

Get help keeping your pipeline up to date

You can also access our managed service, with ongoing support to help keep your pipeline accurate and up to date.

Get enhanced reporting on project status

As a client you'll also be able to request enhanced reporting to show workload bottlenecks and at-risk projects

Get your personal demonstration of Pipeline Manager and learn how it can support your procurement capability.


Libby Daniels - Director of Client Services


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