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Case Studies

Here you’ll find real stories of how public and private sector organisations are meeting their big challenges with Oxygen Finance’s help.

Early Payment

Financial peace of mind: How FreePay helped Stewart Turkington Photography thrive

Stewart Turkington has benefitted from FreePay, with faster payments, improved cash flow, and a positive relationship with the local council.
Oxygen Insights

Laser-sighted Business Development: Bellrock’s data-oriented approach with Insights

Bellrock use Insights Spend & Pre-Procurement to spot pre-tender opportunities so their sales team can book meetings with decision makers.
Early Payment

South Tyneside Council’s Supplier Incentive Programme: A win-win for businesses and the community

South Tyneside council introduced an early payment programme with Oxygen, and became a P2P process improvement role model for councils.
Early Payment

The benefits of early payment for suppliers: The Ultimate Risk Management story

Ultimate Risk Management joined an early payment programme to supporting their cash flow and avoid more expensive forms of finance.
Pipeline Manager

From spreadsheets to success: Croydon Council’s search for a Pipeline Management solution

Croydon Council used Pipeline Manager to accurately track procurement events from pipeline through to contract management.
Early Payment

Oxygen Finance helps Croydon Council overcome funding cuts with their Premier Supplier Programme

Croydon Council turned to Oxygen to generate much-needed income and make significant improvements to their processes and efficiency.
Early Payment

Driving growth in local economies: The Cumbria County Council and Oxygen Finance partnership

To generate income linked to a savings target of £80 million, Cumbria County Council worked with Oxygen to launch the Premier Supply Service.
Early Payment

Bexley Council’s journey to becoming one of the fastest paying councils

Oxygen's team of process change experts worked with Bexley Council’s finance and IT teams to launch their early payment programme.
Oxygen Insights

How Insights Spend helped a leading communications provider secure more business

Oxygen provided expertise, insight and tools such as Insights Spend to help transform the firm's approach so they could secure more business.



Writing a Winning Bid: A Bid Prompts card deck for firms who sell to the public sector
This card deck help firms prepare work-winning bids, covering themes such as buying criteria, risk management, social value & sustainability. …
Libby Daniels - Director of Client Services


How To Create The Perfect Pipeline Management Process (or How To Create Order From Chaos)
Increasing demands on the public purse continue to put procurement teams under pressure. But with budgets continuing to shrink, strategic management of ever-growing pipelines and …


Net-Zero Driving Growth in Council EV Infrastructure Opportunities
As councils get ready for net-zero there has been a significant rise in EV Chargepoint and Infrastructure opportunities over the last 3 months. …
Cameron Major - Senior Account Executive


How To Use Public Sector Transparency Data To Supercharge Your Sales
There has never been more data available to someone selling into the public sector. But with so much data available in so many different forms …