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Case Study

Investing in the Local Economy: Bottomley’s Print Services Praises Early Payment

Bottomley’s Print Services typically receive payment in 2-3 days with the Priority Account Service.

The team at Bottomley’s Print Services has worked with Rochdale Borough Council for over 28 years producing work for the Elections Department.


The Priority Account Service at Rochdale Council

When tendering to provide services last year, the company was invited to join the Council’s Priority Account Service, which offers early payment to suppliers in return for a small pre-agreed rebate.

Bottomley’s Print Services recognised the benefits of joining; not only receiving faster payment themselves, but improving cash flow for their suppliers in turn, and supporting the local community. They continue to invoice in the same way but receive payment as soon as the invoice is approved, typically within 2-3 days.


What the Supplier says

“Early payment through the Priority Account Service is a massive help to a small company such as ours. It gives us the cash flow we need. It allows us to pay our local suppliers quicker, which keeps money moving through the local economy. 

Typically, we’re paid 20 to 28 days quicker, which means that we haven’t had to run credit lines; it’s kept our company going and allowed us to move forward.

Obviously, the money that we give back as a rebate is reinvested in the local economy. That’s an important part of our social value.

There’s no factoring involved. The only thing it costs you is a small percentage of the total invoice value at the end. And for 20-28 days quicker – it’s worth every penny!”

David Bottomley, Director, Bottomley’s Print Services