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Your data. Fully categorised. In your tools.

See your public sector spend data, categorised and cleansed, in your own business intelligence tools.

Rob Parker
Chief Technology Officer

Get complete visibility with clear and accurate spending insights

Insights Spend API helps you see how much you are spending with different suppliers right in your own tools.

What’s more, your data is protected by the latest in cloud and API security. We can even advise your developer on API implementation.

Transform your data analysis with seamless BI tool integration

Can’t get the data you need from your current ERP software?

Insights Spend API works with the most popular business intelligence tools, including Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, so you can see your enhanced data in the BI tools you use everyday.

Transform your data and decision making with Insights Spend+

With Insights Spend you gain access to valuable data on companies, markets, and public sector buyers.

By integrating Insights Spend with your own data sources you can generate a more comprehensive view and make more informed business decisions.

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Your data, your way, in your own systems

Get the best of both worlds. Your own data, cleansed and categorised, right in your own reporting, ERP and BI systems.

Support on-demand for seamless integration

Fully-documented API with technical support on demand makes integration with your own systems as painless as possible.

Reduce tail spend with Insights Spend+

Insights Spend+ can help you find and reduce unnecessary “tail spend” where a preferred contractor is already in place.

Gain control over your procurement

Get an unbiased view of your third-party procurement spending with all your suppliers, right from within your own ERP.

Get your demonstration and learn how Oxygen’s public sector API can bring spend intelligence to your systems.


Libby Daniels - Director of Client Services


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