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Case Study

Supporting Suppliers: Care Provider Paid in 3 Days with Supplier Incentive Programme

Patience Healthcare benefits from faster payment and improved relationship with Local Council

Patience Healthcare is a Domiciliary Home Care Provider, supporting people to remain living in their own homes independently all over the UK.​ Offering a range of care and support services, the organisation looks after clients funded by their local Adult Social Care services, NHS funding or those funding their care privately.

The team at Patience Healthcare provide Domiciliary Home Care Services to Middlesbrough Council and joined the Council’s Supplier Incentive Programme.


The Supplier Incentive Programme at Middlesbrough Council

The Supplier Incentive Programme enables suppliers to be paid early in return for a small, pre-agreed rebate, boosting cash flow and reducing the need to seek alternative means of funding. The scheme aims to pay suppliers within 10 days and fosters a closer working relationship between the council and suppliers.

Since joining the scheme Patience Healthcare has typically received payment from Middlesbrough Council within 3 working days.

As well as joining the programme, Patience Healthcare have worked closely with the team at Middlesbrough to create a simpler process for managing invoices. This has significantly reduced invoice volumes and, in turn, reduced the administrative burden on the team.


What the Supplier says

“We’re proud to work with Middlesbrough Council and welcomed the opportunity to join the Supplier Incentive Programme. Faster payment has enabled us to invest in the business, something that was particularly important to us at the outset. The small rebate fee is more cost effective than other types of funding available and worthwhile given how quickly we receive payment. The scheme was easy to join, and we continue to invoice Middlesbrough Council in the same way.

“Importantly, the Supplier Incentive Programme was preferred over other funding options, such as Invoice Factoring, as it avoided the need to involve a third party and as such makes it easier to resolve queries. With the Supplier Incentive Programme, all our invoice data and client references continue to be shared directly between us and Middlesbrough Council.”

Jack Baker, Director, Patience Healthcare