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Case Study

Reducing payment stress: Sherwood Cars joins Premier Supplier Programme

Sherwood Cars London benefits from faster payment and reduced invoice queries since joining Croydon’s Premier Supplier Programme.

Sherwood Cars London provides a variety of specialist transport services aimed at supporting local children with disabilities, autism, and epilepsy travel to school.

The company works with a number of local Councils, including the London Borough of Croydon, and currently has an arrangement with Croydon for the delivery of specialist education transport services.

The service is provided in the context of a wider Passenger Transport Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) that has been in place since September 2019, and will last until August 2027.


Premier Supplier Programme

When approached by the team at Oxygen, Sherwood decided to sign up for Croydon’s Premier Supplier Programme, which is designed to accelerate payments and improve invoicing processes for new and existing suppliers in exchange for a small rebate.


Supplier Feedback

“Upon receiving information from Oxygen Finance about the Premier Supplier Programme run by Croydon, we decided to sign up for the programme as it made sense from a number of perspectives.

Firstly, we have benefitted greatly from accelerated payments, and whereas previously we were experiencing issues with our invoice processing, those issues have now been quickly resolved.

We are pleased to be extending our membership with the programme, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Croydon as one of their specialist local transport providers.”

Sherwood Cars London