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Do you really know the carbon footprint impact of your supply chain? Instantly understand your Scope 3 emissions by category with Insights Carbon from Oxygen Finance.

Easily compare your Scope 3 carbon emissions to other local authorities. Prepare Scope 3 local government carbon reporting data for publication. Assess how your suppliers compare by market and category, and create your action plan for carbon reduction.

Understand Scope 3 Emissions

Understand the greenhouse gas emissions of contractors by reporting on their Kg/Carbon.

Track Emissions Changes

Evaluate your Scope 3 carbon impact by category and track the change in emissions over time.

Seamless workflow integration

Adds carbon emissions data to the tool you already use for easy carbon footprint reporting.

Making Clear Your Scope 3 Carbon Emissions

Oxygen’s Insights already gives your public sector commissioning team data to make informed purchasing decisions.

Now, Insights Carbon is ready to address the climate emergency by helping you understand the Scope 3 CO2 emissions of your supply chain, a contributing factor in climate change.

Oxygen’s Insights is considered the UK’s most accurate source of public sector spend data, drawing on invoice data from almost 2m suppliers across 1000+ public sector organisations – from councils, NHS trusts and ICSs to emergency services and government departments.

Insights knows how and where the public sector spends. Already used by the National Audit Office and others, Insights will give your procurement team the spend reporting they need to drive action.

Now, Insights Carbon is ready to help your local authority tackle the climate crisis and meet your net zero commitments by assessing how the regional carbon dioxide emissions of your suppliers are affecting your carbon footprint.

As an Insights Carbon subscriber, you will be able to:

• Understand the overall carbon impact of the indirect emissions of suppliers

• Compare your Scope3 emissions to other local authorities

• Review Kg/Carbon data alongside the spend data in Insights Spend

• Look at your supply chain’s carbon impact by market and category

• Track change in your Scope3 emissions over time

• Produce Scope3 transparency data using Insights Carbon


Shropshire County Council, Insights

“Shropshire Council has saved double the cost equivalent by just providing accurate data on SME / local suppliers; let alone all the other benefits.”

Shropshire County Council

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Helping councils turn local government carbon reporting into climate action.

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