Pipeline Manager

Pipeline Manager

Soon, any contracting authority with an annual spend on public sector contracts of over £200m will have to publish its procurement pipeline.

Now your public sector organisation can control its entire procurement pipeline in one system.

Review your pipeline

Easy to filter by Stage, Category Manager, Start and End Dates.

Export with ease

Export your pipeline in CSV format, ready to publish on your website.

Quickly see the detail

Rapidly view further detail and update with quick links.

Manage and publish your procurement pipeline with ease

The typical public procurement pipeline process involves multiple, incompatible spreadsheets, with no change history, data validation or quality control, and manual reporting.

Pipeline manager is simple to use and cost effective. It will help public bodies responsible for UK government contracts meet their public sector pipeline publishing duties, and give suppliers more time to prepare for their bid.

Large programs of work become easy to manage, with a complete audit trail, consistent fields, and automated reporting. What’s more, exporting to a CSV is easy, in line with National Procurement Policy Statement (NPPS) transparency procurement rules.

There’s also a managed service, with ongoing support to help keep your pipeline accurate and up to date, and enhanced reporting to show workload bottlenecks and at-risk projects.

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