Creating and delivering economic and social value

Oxygen’s Payment and Insight Solutions (previously known as Porge Research) help public sector organisations improve their supply chain management, creating and delivering economic and social value to the local economies and communities they serve.

Croydon Council – Efficiency Delivered

Driving the Council’s commitment to inclusive and sustainable growth, with an early payment programme which has generated rebates of over £1.1m to date.

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Cumbria County Council – Savings Delivered

Oxygen Finance has helped Cumbria exceed savings targets with a total annual rebate of £1.8m in the last financial year.

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“Insight Solutions has paid for itself within a matter of months just with the time saved in running SME and regional supplier reporting…

Plus we now have sight of category trends and supplier earnings from neighbouring and peer authorities. This is driving gains in our commissioning activities and helping us to provide value for money for our citizens”

“The tools have become an important part of the commercial team’s work…

They help us to think further ahead, challenge set commissioning practices and manage risk.”

Worcestershire County Council – Supply Chain Resilience

Insight Solutions has become an important part of the commercial team’s work and helps them to plan ahead, challenge set commissioning practices and manage risk.

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Find out how our Insight or Payment solutions could help you

Insight solutions

Payment solutions

Maximising procurement effectiveness to create commercial and social value


Provides an up-to-date overview of public sector spend, broken down by category, making it an invaluable tool for any organisation looking to improve their public sector sourcing, commissioning, and supplier management outcomes.

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Informs users of public sector procurement activities. It facilitates the sharing of specifications and strategies, helping commission work more efficiently to improve procurement outcomes.

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Illuminator+ adds macro financial information to supplier profiles, giving public-sector commissioners the size, classification, velocity and risk information needed to inform responsible purchasing decisions.

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Automatically track the corporate health of your supply chain with Monitor from Oxygen. Know exactly when a supplier’s risk changes, allowing you to promptly respond, reduce risk and minimise disruption.

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Illuminator Carbon

Do you really know the carbon impact of your supply chain? Instantly understand your Scope 3 emissions impact across your supply chain, by category with Illuminator Carbon from Oxygen Finance.

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Delivering progressive payment practices

Proven Early Payment Programmes

Oxygen is the early payment provider of choice for the public sector. Our class-leading technology and proven expertise delivers progressive payment practices, which help organisations accelerate payments to suppliers. Early payments unlock valuable cost savings, which can be redirected into improved social outcomes for the communities they

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Our pioneering FreePay product is focused exclusively on supporting small and micro suppliers, by getting them paid early without any charge; it’s simply early payment for free! The fully automated solution dramatically reduces time and administrative effort, while facilitating much-needed cash flow into local economies.

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Purchase To Pay Consulting Services

Our team has many years of expertise, skills and experience within local authority Procurement and Purchase to Pay functions and processes, which we can draw from to provide valuable advice to our clients in this area. ​We understand the common pain points experienced and are able to support clients to identify opportunities for improvement and deliver sustainable change.

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Local authorities increase focus on early payments

The voluntary programmes, which include a FreePay option for smaller firms, help release liquidity into the supply…

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