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Local Government Third-Party Spend 2024 Almanac

Oxygen Finance announce the Local Government Spend Almanac for 2024.

The Local Government Third-Party Spend Almanac for 2024 offers a view of expenditure and Carbon emission data across local government in England.

The Almanac serves as a valuable resource, offering insights that can be used to optimise public procurement and commissioning activities to achieve optimum outcomes.

This Almanac covers spend between calendar years 2021 to 2023 and includes a view of:

  • Overall third-party expenditure across English local government.
  • Category and local government-type expenditure.
  • Supplier expenditure trends.
  • Carbon emissions analysis.

Local Government Third Party Spend 2024 Almanac

This Almanac offers a view of third-party spend and CO2 emission data across local government in England.