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What Public Sector Buyers Want (and What Sellers Need Buyers To Know)

How can the dialogue between buyers and sellers be improved? Join South Tyneside Council’s Peter Lawton and a work-winning consultant as they discuss what each sides needs to see to bolster buying relationships.

Few disagree that improved communication between public sector buyers and sellers leads to better outcomes.

But with all-too-common misconceptions about the other’s aims, how do we break the deadlock?

In this session, we’re bringing together a Procurement Lead, South Tyneside Council’s Peter Lawton, and Tony Round, Managing Director of work-winning consultancy Maxim Growth, ably compèred by bidstats.uk’s Chris Williamson, to make their case, set out what they need to see from their counterparts, and outline how the vital relationship between buyer and seller can be strengthened.


In this session you will learn:

• The key pressures facing buyers and how suppliers can best respond to them

• How to approach buyers by in a way that will make them sit up and take notice

• The key things buyers need to see from suppliers, and vice versa, to support objectives

• The importance of early engagement and education

• How the tender process can be changed for the better

• How common, dependable data can help bridge the gap


This candid and lively session will be of interest to both procurement teams and work winning professionals, and there’ll be an opportunity to put questions to both our speakers.

This is a unique opportunity to learn more about what your counterparts need to see from you, and an opportunity to help them raise their game too.

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