Oxygen Finance

Who are Oxygen Finance?

Oxygen Finance works with the public sector to offer fast, fair, and fuss-free early payment programmes to their suppliers.

Established in 2004, our programmes help public sector suppliers thrive, whilst delivering wider economic and social benefits. Our clients include local and central government and the NHS.

Ellie Rushton
Operational Support Analyst

Stuart Nichols
Business Engagement Director

What do Oxygen Finance do?

Oxygen Finance run early payment programmes that help businesses get paid faster with no factoring, no borrowing, no personal guarantees, and no credit checks required.

Instead, by working to improve public sector payment processes, Oxygen Finance help increase the speed at which public sector suppliers are paid.

How do our programmes work?

Our programmes can help you get paid by public sector organisations before your invoice is due, in exchange for a small, pre-agreed rebate. The amount rebated depends on how many days your payment is accelerated by.

We have signed up over 3,000 suppliers to our clients’ early payment programmes, with over £2.5bn worth of invoices receiving early payment.

Briony Turton
Senior Service Manager

Libby Daniels
Director of Client Services

Why do Oxygen Finance run these programmes?

Oxygen Finance believe in using financial technology to deliver social value. We work with the public sector to improve how quickly they can pay suppliers, while also generating rebates that can be reinvested in vital public services.

If you have specific questions about a programme you have been invited to join, please refer to the microsite about that programme or call Oxygen on 0121 295 4583 and ask to speak to a supplier onboarding advisor.