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Grow social value by paying small firms early

Accelerate payment to the small and micro suppliers who need it the most and deliver social value.

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Harness the social value power of Your procurement with FreePay

Concerned about the social impact of your purchasing decisions, but don’t know where to start?

With FreePay you can support local activities, transform the experience of suppliers and advance the social impact of your part of the public sector.

Fast and easy implementation of FreePay into your finance systems

Using a clear, established process, FreePay can be introduced quickly into your finance systems.

Oxygen’s team works with yours to define your social criteria and identify eligible suppliers. Suppliers are then approached and enrolled.

Free up accounts payable time with automated accelerated payments

Payment is only made once all approvals have been met and is fully automated, freeing up your accounts payable team’s valuable time and resources.

A dashboard displays your payment performance against the strategy set for each supplier.

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Supplier early payment without charge

Rather than levy a discount on suppliers, FreePay allows buyers to pay small business invoices early without a charge.

Delivering social public procurement

FreePay supports your social value agenda and local economies by injecting vital liquidity into small and micro firms.

Define your own eligibility criteria

Our experts can work with you to determine the eligibility criteria that best meets your social procurement objectives.

FreePay complements Oxygen's early payment

FreePay can run alongside with Oxygen's early payment programmes for larger suppliers, serving your entire supply base.

Get in touch and learn how Freepay can help generate positive social outcomes from your procurement process.