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Mindfulness in the Workplace – World Mental Health Day

At Oxygen, we take the well-being of our colleagues very seriously and each year we mark World Mental Health Day. This year at Oxygen we adopted the theme of ‘mindfulness.’  As a Company we wanted to encourage employees to make positive choices throughout the day to improve their mental well-being.

A range of activities were on offer for colleagues working in the office and at home. We also shared useful tips and videos regarding mindfulness in the workplace.

At Oxygen HQ visitors were treated to art therapy, relaxing spa music, and a fruit station complete with smoothies.  Taking time away from their desks, the team were able to partake in mindful colouring; studies have shown that it can reduce anxiety and depression and can be a helpful tool in managing thoughts and feelings.

Those working from home were encouraged to mark the day by catching up with a colleague whom they haven’t spoken to for a while, listening to music whilst working, taking a lunchtime walk, practicing yoga, or pausing for some meditation.

A highlight of the day must be the Mindful Walk; escaping the office to walk together around Birmingham and disconnect for a while. In addition to the time spent outdoors and exercising, the group focussed on their surroundings, taking time to notice details and colours. Our home city is filled with intricate architectural detail and is rich in colour, much to the appreciation of our keen-eyed amblers.

We’re fortunate to have an incredibly supportive team here at Oxygen. A variety of people shared ideas and suggested mindfulness techniques to help others switch off and feel less anxious at busy times. Colleagues were reminded of the importance of seeking help, if needed, and informed of the opportunities for mental health support in the workplace.

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