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How to Never Miss a Public Sector Tender Opportunity Again; Meet Insights Notices!


Are you a salesperson in the public sector who feels like you’re always missing out on potential opportunities? It’s no surprise that keeping up with live tenders is a significant challenge. After all, you can only win a tender if you bid for it, and you can only bid for it if you know it exists. But what if there was a solution to help you stay on top of potential public sector sales opportunities? That’s where Oxygen Insights’ new tool, Insights Notices, comes in.

Insights Notices is the latest addition to the Oxygen Insights suite and is specifically designed to provide sales teams with visibility on live tenders as soon as they are published by aggregating data from multiple tender portals, including Find a Tender and Public Contracts Scotland.

What’s more, Insights Notices also allows companies to stay on top of potential public sector sales opportunities by providing details of final contract awards, giving users a better understanding of how to submit a successful bid. And as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also added in hundreds of new buyers in Education and Health, giving your sales team access to even more new business opportunities.

Chris Williamson, Insights Sales Director, said: “Keeping on top of their pipeline is the number one pain point for public sector-focussed sales teams. Adding tenders into Oxygen Insights means salespeople finally have visibility of the whole opportunity lifecycle, from early warning of opportunities in Insights Pro-Procurement, through to tenders and finally contract awards in Insights Notices”

With the complete procurement lifecycle from inception to award now available, businesses can ensure that they never miss a chance to bid on a project, and existing Insights Pre-Procurement customers will receive this increased coverage at no extra cost. So, not only can you stay on top of live tenders, but you can also maximise your opportunity identification. We’re thrilled to be able to continue to help businesses navigate the public sector procurement process.

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