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Boosting Spend with SME and Regional Suppliers

We explore how accessible information and data-driven analysis can empower local authorities to support small businesses and drive regional economic growth.

This Week’s Hot Tenders: Software Applications, Development & Support

We've handpicked our  Top 5 live tenders in the 'Software Applications, Development & Support' category. These opportunities are not to be missed!

Navigating the Procurement Bill: What Suppliers Need to Know

In the latest in our series of articles exploring how the upcoming Procurement Bill will revolutionise public sector procurement in the UK, we examine the

Oxygen Insights Launches Tendalert: The Free Tender Alert Service To Help You Win More Public Sector Contracts

We’ve decided to launch TendAlert – a true game-changer for work-winners selling to the public sector.

Demystifying The Procurement Bill: What Contracting Authorities Need To Know

The Procurement Bill will transform public sector procurement. We look in more detail at what it will all mean for contracting authorities.

Never Miss a Public Sector Tender Again – Meet Insights Notices!

Keeping up with live tenders is a significant challenge. But what if there was a way to you stay on top of them all?

Eight Tips On How To Win A Public Sector Tender

We share eight tips to consider when you're thinking about bidding for a public sector contract.

How to Write A Winning Public Sector Tender Response

James Jordan shares some advice and knowledge on how to better respond to public sector tenders


Libby Daniels - Director of Client Services


How To Create The Perfect Pipeline Management Process (or How To Create Order From Chaos)
Increasing demands on the public purse continue to put procurement teams under pressure. But with budgets continuing to shrink, strategic management of ever-growing pipelines and …


Net-Zero Driving Growth in Council EV Infrastructure Opportunities
As councils get ready for net-zero there has been a significant rise in EV Chargepoint and Infrastructure opportunities over the last 3 months. …
Cameron Major - Senior Account Executive


How To Use Public Sector Transparency Data To Supercharge Your Sales
There has never been more data available to someone selling into the public sector. But with so much data available in so many different forms …


Public Sector Tech Power Players: The Top 10 Players In Software Applications, Development & Support
In this deep-dive, we dissect the top players in Software Applications, Development & Support, explore their key customers, and the parts of the public sector …