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From Prospects to Partnerships: How to Better Approach Buyers in the UK Public Sector

How can you better engage UK public sector buyers? We reveal proven strategies to cut through the barriers and build long-term relationships.

Open Data: UK Public Sector Third-Party Spend by Organisation, Jan 23 – Dec 23

This is the latest release as part of our commitment to open data, covering third-party spend data for the full year Jan 23 to Dec

Bid Integrity in the AI Age: Implications of PPN 02/24 for Public Sector Suppliers and Buyers

The recent PPN 02/24 provides guidance on the use of AI in procurement. We review what implications the note has for both English public sector

The Importance of Working Capital To Your Public Sector Supply Chain

Discover how prioritising working capital can revolutionise cash flow, strengthen relationships, and drive social value in our latest blog post.

Regional Health Funding: What’s Driving The Disparity in Healthcare Spend Between Different English Regions

Why are some English regions spending 30% more per person on Healthcare? We assess what England's healthcare disparities can tell us about the population today.

Countdown to Digital: How Councils are Navigating the Digital Telephony Switchover

Discover how local authorities are tackling the impending landline telephony switchover to digital networks and learn which suppliers stand to benefit.


Libby Daniels - Director of Client Services


How To Create The Perfect Pipeline Management Process (or How To Create Order From Chaos)
Increasing demands on the public purse continue to put procurement teams under pressure. But with budgets continuing to shrink, strategic management of ever-growing pipelines and …


Net-Zero Driving Growth in Council EV Infrastructure Opportunities
As councils get ready for net-zero there has been a significant rise in EV Chargepoint and Infrastructure opportunities over the last 3 months. …
Cameron Major - Senior Account Executive


How To Use Public Sector Transparency Data To Supercharge Your Sales
There has never been more data available to someone selling into the public sector. But with so much data available in so many different forms …


Local Government ICT & BPO Power Players: The Top 10 Players in Information & Communication Technology / Business Process Outsourcing
We examine the Local Government ICT & BPO Power Players and discover the local authorities and councils that are driving their success. …