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Oxygen Insights Enables NOE CPC To Support Their NHS Clients In Delivering High-Value Care

Oxygen Insights supports NOECPC to provide value to their NHS clients, including information on suppliers, NHS spending and market intelligence.

How Integrated Care Systems Will Change England’s Healthcare Landscape

We answer the most-asked questions about the introduction of ICSs and what the healthcare landscape will look like under the new system.

UK Public Sector Spend on Mental Health Services Expected to Reach a New High in 2022

Data from Oxygen Finance suggests that public spend on Mental Health services is expected to reach a new high in 2022.

NHS ICT Expenditure in a Nutshell – A Closer Look at Spend for 2020/21

Acute Trusts and CCGs investing more in ICT-related services - Who is the catalyst?

The Fastest-Growing Public Sector Spend Categories Revealed

We take a closer look at which public-sector categories have seen the most growth, and some of the suppliers who have benefitted.

A Year Like None Other – NHS Spend Review 2020/21

After four years of consistent growth, how did total spend by NHS organisations fare in 2020/21?

Vulnerable Citizens & Public Health Accounts For 40% Of Local GOV. 3rd Party Spend As a Result Of COVID

The 2020/21 Local Government Third Party Spend Almanac has shown overall spend by councils in England in 2020/21 reached £64bn.

Big Increase in Council Homeless Services Spend as Demand Reaches New Heights

A report by the homelessness charity Crisis highlighted that 53% of Council and voluntary sector services have reported an increase in homelessness.

Council Spend on Addiction-Related Services Falls as Alcohol Deaths Rise

A recent article by the BBC highlighted how deaths caused by alcohol hit a new high during the first nine months of 2020.

Analysing Local Authority spend in 2020/21: Insights from the five major markets – Buildings, Health & Social Care, Highways, ICT & BPO, and Waste & Environment

We take a look at the emerging 2020/21 local authority spend picture across the five major markets.


Libby Daniels - Director of Client Services


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