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Oxygen Insights Enables NOE CPC To Support Their NHS Clients In Delivering High-Value Care


The Challenge

NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC) is one of 4 procurement hubs in the UK who support NHS trusts and other public bodies to procure goods and services in a compliant way by adding value, market insights and providing category expertise.

NOE CPC has strong values and is committed to working with NHS Trusts to ensure patients receive high quality care. To fulfil this commitment, it is vital that the team at NOE CPC have a detailed understanding of NHS spending, existing and potential suppliers, and the overall market.


Oxygen’s Solution

Oxygen Insights provides NOE CPC with a simple and effective way to access comprehensive supplier and market data. NOE CPC use Insights for pre-market engagement, detailed information on suppliers, spend analysis for their NHS clients, and overall market intelligence.

The tool’s ease of use and its ability to analyse multiple aspects of individual suppliers, including their top customers and percentage of spend from different clients has proved invaluable for NOE CPC.

For pre-market engagement and understanding the market landscape, Oxygen Insights enables the NOE CPC team to identify active players in specific markets, their customer bases, and their supply networks.  This detailed understanding of the market is key when working with the NHS.

The Customer Relationship team at NOE CPC use Insights to gain greater understanding of the individual customers they work with.   They can look at a particular Trust or Service and see exactly who they are buying from and how much they are spending with that particular supplier.  As this information isn’t often available at a Trust level, it provides great additional value and enables the team to offer better support to their customers.

The alerts provided by Oxygen Insights are invaluable to the busy NOE CPC team. Enabling them to quickly assess market trends and opportunities, whilst monitoring bids and winners. This feature allows the team to stay on top of the rapidly evolving procurement landscape and make informed decisions.


What The Client Says

“Insights is definitely easy to use and the quality of the data is excellent. It’s got a great user interface and it’s very simple to search.

“We’ve got strong values in the organization: integrity, caring and keeping it simple, and in essence Insights gives us a simple way to look at a particular supplier or a customer or a market and it helps us understand how we can get the best value for the NHS and ensure that patients get high value care.”

Ruth Burns, Supplier Relationship Manager, NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative

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