Providing unrivalled granular detail and data into public sector spend, Illuminator, previously known as Porge Research Illuminator, gives government suppliers a competitive edge.

Competitor insight

Understand your competitors’ or partners’ true presence in the public sector.

Future planning

Identify spending trends to allocate sales resource more effectively and enhance your sales & marketing strategy.

Enhance negotiation

Profile public sector organisations to price bids competitively.

Shining a light on spending patterns and competitor activity

Widely recognised as the UK’s most accurate source of public sector spend data, Illuminator is distilled from more than 1,777,000 supplier invoices from over 1,000+ public sector organisations, ranging from councils, NHS trusts and CCGs through to emergency services and government departments.

Each month alone, we cleanse, categorise and enrich data from some 1.5m invoices to deliver timely and reliable analysis to inform commercial strategy and decision-making.

Offering a deep understanding of both your prospects’ customer base and competitor earnings, Illuminator can help transform your ‘go-to’ market strategy and secure more business. You can also track and analyse expenditure trends, informing future planning activities.


Shropshire Council

As a council we spend over £200 million with external contractors, so it’s important that we get on the top of who we’re spending with and try and get different efficiencies out of that. 

“In order to meet funding gaps, we’re part of that solution for the council in trying to drive out efficiencies in savings from our contract arrangements. We use Illuminator to inform our commissioning and procurement decisions. We find that it provides us with good, clean and quick data. It gives us time, it gives us resource efficiency and it provides assurance around our contracting arrangements. I would certainly recommend it to be used by other local authorities as they would gain the same advantages and efficiencies in resource that we are doing.”

Nigel Denton, Development and Procurement Manager

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