Public Sector organisations are under increasing pressure to protect businesses and services. Oxygen has launched a series of supplier resilience services to support Councils in monitoring and managing their supply base effectively.

These services aim to assist Councils to protect their local economy by providing a targeted identification and recommendation process for their small, local and most ‘at risk’ suppliers.

Launched over the spring, and now in use by Councils across the UK, our financial monitoring and surveying services have enabled Councils to:

  • put in place protective measures earlier
  • reduce wasted revenue on failed suppliers
  • have a deeper understanding of their importance to suppliers


Monitor allows Councils to countinuously observe their supply base and a notification will be issued should any supplier become insolvent or have a CCJ registered against them. Proactive alerts will give vital time to put in place protective measures where suppliers are at risk of financial distress or non-delivery.

This service utilises the transparency data already published, suppliers are matched against Companies House and other 3rd party data sources to provide a reliable and effective risk management solution.  None of the Council’s time is wasted on linking to internal systems or running multiple extracts reports.


Many public sector organisations are having to carefully balance budgets and social value objectives. Survey is a simple solution that periodically polls a supply base gathering early insight into the health of the supply chain, especially when combined with Monitor.

Porge will work alongside stakeholders to refine the questions, define the supplier audience, execute and report back on the latest insights.

Supplier Review

Supplier Review is a short data driven activity that rapidly analyses the Council’s supply base establishing those suppliers who are active and then enriching the data to overlay company locations, size (SME) and category. This provides a powerful insight into buying habits and exposes how dependent critical suppliers are on their organisation.

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