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Top 5 Public Sector Contracts Ending in 2024: Highways Maintenance & Civils

In the dynamic world of Highways Maintenance & Civils, staying ahead of upcoming contracts and procurement opportunities is crucial for public sector suppliers. 2024 will see several significant contracts reaching their end date, which means possible retendering!

In this blog post, we use Oxygen Insights’ Notices database to uncover five prominent Highways Maintenance & Civils public sector contracts that are set to expire in 2024.

But before we dive into the specifics of these contracts, do take a look at our blog posts highlighting our Top Five Tenders and Top Five Pre-Procurement Opportunities in the Highways space. Additionally, our ‘Public Highways Power Players‘ report, where we identify the Top 10 influential suppliers shaping the industry.

So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s explore our favourite soon-to-expire contracts in Highways Maintenance & Civils, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the challenges and prospects that lie ahead in 2024.



  1. Hampshire County Council: Hampshire Highways Service Contract (HHSC) – AWARD


Region South East England
Buyer Hampshire County Council
Buyer Group Local Government
Buyer Type Shire County
Market Highways &Transport
Category Highways Maintenance & Civils
Contract Title Hampshire Highways Service Contract (HHSC) – AWARD
Incumbent Supplier Skanska Construction UK Ltd
Contract Start Date 01/08/2017
Contract End Date 30/04/2024
 Awarded Value £1,600,000,000


Current Contract Description


Hampshire County Council (HCC) invites applications from suitably experienced organisations who wish to be considered for selection to tender for the Hampshire Highways Service Contract 2017- 2029. The purpose of this Tender is to secure a partner to provide highway maintenance services including contracting expertise and other services for the maintenance and improvement of the HCC highway network.

Whilst the upper estimated threshold for the contract will be £1.5 billion it is envisaged that the annual throughput will be in the region of £30 million.


Contract Timeline





  2. Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council: TCF work package S6-4 – Redhill Roundabout and Northbourne Roundabout


Region South West England
Buyer Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council
Buyer Group Local Government
Buyer Type Unitary Council
Market Highways & Transport
Category Highways Maintenance & Civils
Contract Title TCF work package S6-4 – Redhill Roundabout and Northbourne Roundabout
Incumbent Supplier Mildren Construction Limited
Contract Start Date 25/03/2022
Contract End Date 05/05/2024
 Awarded Value £7,700,000


Current Contract Description


The programme will help to transform local transport options, connecting local people and local jobs and education. Integral to the TCF programme is the delivery of a 3-year programme of transport improvements measures including cycling, walking and bus infrastructure.


Contract Timeline




  3. Stoke-on-Trent City Council: Term Contract- Highways Minor Works- PGP2019/727*


Region West Midlands
Buyer Stoke-on-Trent City Council
Buyer Group Local Government
Buyer Type Unitary Council
Market Highways & Transport
Category Highways Maintenance & Civils
Contract Title Term Contract- Highways Minor Works- PGP2019/727*
Contract Start Date 01/06/2020
Contract End Date 31/05/2024
 Awarded Value £21,000,000


Current Contract Description


The Term Contract is primarily to be used by the Place, Growth & Prosperity Directorate to undertake individual schemes including works on and off the highway, drainage, bridge and structural maintenance and Landscape schemes. The work to be executed under this contract is spread over a number of sites within the City, each site providing a separate Task Order. Routine bridge maintenance works may include for an order being raised for a number of sites grouped together, where they are in close proximity to each other. There is no guarantee that the works to be carried out over the contract period will be continuous or evenly distributed throughout the contract, or that work will be instructed against each and every item.

The total quantity of work the Contractor will be required to undertake is dependent on the forthcoming financial allocations during the period of the Contract. However as a guide, and whilst not guaranteed, it is anticipated that the successful Contractor may be offered 30 to 40 schemes with a total value of up to £4,250,000 per annum of works from this Contract. In addition up to £2 million over the contract duration may be offered to the following public sector organisations:

Stoke-on-Trent City Council; Unitas Stoke Ltd; Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council; Stafford Borough Council; High Peak Borough Council; Staffordshire University; University of Keele
Staffordshire Fire & Rescue; Staffordshire Police; University Hospitals of the North Midlands; Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Group; North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust.

The types of work anticipated are indicated in the tender documents but no guarantee will be given that work will be carried out on any particular aspect of the service during this contract. Works will include construction or improvement works, on or off highway, drainage works, including Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), soft and hard landscaping and routine Bridge maintenance and structural maintenance schemes generally ranging from about £3,000 to £800,000 in value. An additional one-off task order for a scheme value of up to £2 million could also be issued in addition.


Contract Timeline




  4. Bexley London Borough Council: Building Services – Bexley Assett Premises


Region Greater London
Buyer Bexley London Borough Council
Buyer Group Local Government
Buyer Type London Borough
Market Highways & Transport
Category Highways Maintenance & Civils
Contract Title Building Services – Bexley Assett Premises
Incumbent Supplier B&M McHugh
Contract Start Date 01/09/2020
Contract End Date 31/08/2024
 Awarded Value £9,300,000


Current Contract Description


The Bexley Building Services contract will provide planned and preventative maintenance (PPM), statutory compliance, reactive repairs, risk assessments (including fire and water risk assessments and CCTV drainage surveys) and building fabric services to Bexley Council’s main corporate sites including offices, libraries, community buildings and sites within parks and open spaces.

The contract will cover all the Council’s property assets and there will be provision for ad hoc and project services to instructed on request via a schedule of rates.
II.1.5) Estimated total value: Maintenance (PPM, Reactive & Capital) £9.3m


Contract Timeline




  5. St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council: Road Surface Treatments Term Contract


Region North West England
Buyer St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council
Buyer Group Local Government
Buyer Type Metropolitan Council
Market Highways & Transport
Category Highways Maintenance & Civils
Contract Title Road Surface Treatments Term Contract
Incumbent Supplier Road Maintenance Services Limited
Contract Start Date 24/05/2017
Contract End Date 31/03/2024
 Awarded Value £13,000,000


Current Contract Description


Halton Borough Council Intends to Procure a Contract for Road Surface Treatments for five years to cover the period May 2017 to March 2022 with the options available to the Council to extend the Contract for up to five periods of 12 months each.

This Road Surface Treatments Term Contract will be open for St Helens MBC to utilise subject to agreement by Halton Borough Council.

The contract has no guaranteed quantities, works orders will fluctuate according to demand and available budget. End dates of current contracts for each named Local Authority/organisation and estimated annual expenditure have been provided for information purposes only. Where such estimates are provided they are genuine good faith estimates based on historical usage intended to assist the tenderer in the preparation of their offer, but offer no guarantee of future usage.

In the case of St Helens MBC, whilst they wish to have access to the contract at the current time they are unable to commit, thus it is possible they may choose not to place any works orders through the contract.

For the avoidance of doubt the term Council used in the paragraph below refers to Halton Borough Council or St Helen s Council if they chose to utilise this Contract.

The contract does not form a monopoly arrangement. The Council can at any time choose to place orders for works or services covered by this contract with other suppliers of such works or services. Placing of orders for items outside the contract will be entirely at the discretion of the Council and its officers and the Council will not be bound to account for any such decisions to the contractor. The Council is not committed to any maximum or minimum expenditure through the Agreement, and does not commit to maintaining current, or any level of spending. Any indicated Agreement value is based on historic data and subject to fluctuation both through demand and budgetary variation, figures are provided for illustrative purposes only.

The successful Contractor is required to :

1. Liaise with the Employer s Representative(s) to maintain and improve the Council s highway assets by the application of the most appropriate surface treatments.

2. Assess the asset condition, decide the most appropriate treatment to extend the assets life, develop and agree annual works programmes and preparatory works with the Employers Representative(s).

3. Use his expertise in designing / selecting the material / treatment process for each location / asset to be maintained.

4. Work with the Employer in partnership to preserve and extend the whole life highway assets in the Borough of Halton.

Only those companies who are fully Sector 7, Sector 12B and D and Sector 13 compliant will be considered for this opportunity. The following are also mandatory requirements of the Contract:

1. Proof of operatives undertaking traffic management being Sector 12 LANTRA Qualified and Registered. This applies equally to subcontractors who must also satisfy this requirement.

2. Proof of RSTA endorsed CSCS cards in line with NHSS Sector Scheme 13 for operatives applying road surface treatments. This applies equally to subcontractors who must also satisfy this requirement.

3. Proof of CSCS cards in line with NHSS Sector Scheme 7 for operatives undertaking the installation of road markings and road studs. This applies equally to subcontractors who must also satisfy this requirement.


Contract Timeline




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